Now Mark has done it again. In the face of so much ignorance and strife over America’s immigration policies, Mark set out to document the lives of new immigrants to our soil, telling their personal stories and showing the wealth of talent and economic prowess they bring to American life and culture. The result, “Together We Rise, Immigrants in America,” is a moving and illuminating mosaic of American life today. Look for the book later this year. It is being accompanied by photo exhibits, many of them featuring the Latino community, at major venues across the country. 

                                               Some of our other books:

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Richard Mendelson’s acclaimed account of the historic rise of 
the Napa Valley. A masterpiece!
The art of Barbara Winiarski. A magnificent book! With design by Dorothy Carico Smith. 
Hemingway, Steinbeck, Toni Morrison and more -- all in Tom Hummel’s award-winning salute to the masters of American literature. 
Jim Holden’s dive deep into the history of Marin County. The book sold out in about two weeks! Cover design by Dorothy Carico Smith.
Monroe Katz’s fictionalized account of his kinship with Rembrandt and his own blossoming as a painter. 
Elsebeth Schoenberger’s fictionalized story of her work in the Resistance in her native Denmark. Fabulous!

There are few photographers as gifted as Mark Tuschman. Mark spent a decade traveling through Africa, Asia, and Central America documenting the dangers and humiliations that millions of girls and women face every day. Mark’s chilling expose was hailed by former President Jimmy Carter and many prominent women’s organizations around the world. “Faces of Courage” was chosen as one of the top photo books of 2015 by American Photo Magazine. A book of true beauty and significance. We were honored to publish it.
Val de Grace Books
Where were you on 9/11? Gordon Mott was in Manhattan. And from that trauma comes his novel, 10/10. A searing psychological study.
The joys and tortures of learning to paint. By Monroe Katz, a true master of the craft. An uplifting education for artists right here. Don’t miss it!
Deb Kalas’s award-winning photo essay on
the endangered wild herds of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and beyond. An exquisite book! 
My friends, as you can see, Val de Grace Books, what started as a crazy whim, has come a long way, and we have touched a lot of hearts along the way. And as you will see in the days ahead, I believe the best is still to come. Heck, we’re just getting started!
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The little monster!